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Bosnia and Herzegovina in the heart of former Yugoslavia. Once a united multicultural region under the dictatorship of Tito. Shaken by a brutal war in the 1990s, leaving thousands dead and millions traumatized. Today a patchwork of ethnics, cultures, and religions. We traveled from Sarajevo via the mountains of the Dinaric Alps to the valleys of the Herzegovina and finally to the touristic hot spot of Mostar.

When we wandered the streets of Sarajevo we met interesting and fascinating characters on every corner. Sarajevo is an impressive mix of religions and cultures. From the chess-playing old men on the central plaza to the mosques in the heart of the city – an impressive and wild heterogenous chaos.

We moved on to the Herzegovina south of Sarajevo into the Dinaric Alps. A rough landscape of beauty. Still full of dangerous land mines from the war in the 1990s.

To finally arrive in the Mediterranean city of Mostar. Popular for its famous bridge, destroyed in the 1990s war and rebuild in 2004. A symbol for the war between what were neighbours before and became enemies in a short time.

Next to photography we had the chance to capture some of our impressions on video. Enjoy the following short video: